Below are a list of topic ideas that you can choose from or get ideas from. 

E-mail is first with your selection or idea to ensure that nobody will be or has not already submitted it.

- Prepper articles

- Gun articles

- OnlyFans articles

- What the Fuck! moments

- The Art of Eating Ass

- What's the Future of Porn?

- DIY articles

- Hot Tubs: Steamy and sexy or just cum and jizz soup?

- Sex after 50: Is it all just snorting extra strength Viagra?

- Life After OnlyFans

- Life After Stripping

- A Day in the Life of a Monday afternoon stripper

- ED treatments? Do boner boosts upset women?

- Sex Secrets of the Truck Driver

- New Ways to Increase Your Sex Life

- How to Keep Your Lover Happy

- Get Satisfaction without Cheating

- The Pros and Cons of Pornography

- Camping tips

- Bacon recipes 

These topics just scratch the surface of what could be published in Hussy Magazine. The rule is that we want to entertain the readers with sexy, fun, and interesting. We do NOT want to bore them with articles about hot rod/motorcycle builds or anything that's been done to death in modern men's magazines. Sense of humor is a big plus! Your article can be informative, but can be written in a way that puts a smile on the reader's face.

Here are Hussy Quickie Essays from previous issues for an idea of what's been done already:

  1. Craft Beer for Base Model Men (makes fun of craft beers)
  2. The Rise of Electric Tattooing in America
  3. Balloon Knot Fascination (humorous essay about butt sex)
  4. Masculinity on the Chopping Block
  5. Hockey Fight Legends: Dave Schultz of the Philadelphia Flyers
  6. The American Speakeasy
  7. Being a Female Comic
  8. Playing With Fire Will Get You Burned (essay on one of filmmaker Russ Meyer's babes)
  9. The Allure of the Local Dive Bar
  10. Sticky Pages to Sticky Screens (humorous essay about pre-Internet porn)
  11. Pay Your Fucking Dues (essay on men earning their stripes in the workplace)
  12. Is Fingering A Lost Art Form?