Hussy Photoset Ideas

When it comes to model photoshoots, we here at Hussy Magazine are looking to bring back the sexy and the fun from the old men's magazines of the 1940s and '50s. They would tell a story, with captions, in a series of photos spanning 2 to four pages. Here are some samples, below, that may spark your own ideas. Or, we could do a recreation of one of these sets. 

NOTE: If this is not your style and you'd like to do something more traditional, that's ok, too. When it comes to the vibe of Hussy Magazine, we're looking for less cheesecake and more edgy/fetish (Fetish in the Irving Klaw sort of way).

And, remember, we have a no-bagger policy. 

Battle of the Nylons

Battling Beauties


Life's Little Tragedy

Strip The Bank


Hide That Loot

Keyhole Kapers

Peek A Beauts


Shoe Shoe, Baby

How Sugar Gets Her Man

Those Women Drivers

Foxy Boxing