Hussy Magazine merges with Gnarly Magazine

Merger FAQ:

What are the details of the Hussy merger with Gnarly Magazine?

Hussy Magazine will now be called Gnarly Magazine. We have grown in size and page count so a lot of extra content was needed. Johnny VonGnarly, former publisher of Gnarly Magazine, has a lot of great kustom kulture content that he planned on introducing to Hussy Magazine anyway. After much discussion with Chuck Stanfill, co-owner of Hussy Magazine, they decided to merge the two magazines together for one great big magazine called Gnarly Magazine. 

Why the name change?

We want to grow and be on newsstands. However, even though we have multiple distributors that want to put out Hussy Magazine, the fact of the matter is, the Barnes & Noble buyers and Books-A-Million buyers don't want us. Too toxic. Rejected twice!

Instagram and Facebook won't allow us to run ads. They won't even allow us to sell our own products on their platform! Google won't let us run ads. Pinterest won't let us connect our Shopify store to their site.

So, we're doing an end-around. Gnarly Magazine has already been on Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million shelves. We're repackaging it under the Gnarly Magazine banner and polishing our content so that we can offer a great magazine and great products to a lot of people!

Is Hussy Magazine going away? 

The Hussy Magazine content that you know and love will still be there, but we'll just be putting it in Gnarly Magazine. Babes, wheels, humor, comics, booze, and features are all gonna be in there. Plus, with a higher page count, and bigger page format, we have more room for more content! And with that room we'll be adding the kustom kulture stuff, which is a lot of pinstripers, sign painters, and various other artists. And, a lot more motorcycles, hot rods, and vans. And, of course, with wheels, there are babes!

Is the Hussy Magazine social media presence going away?

No way! You're still going to see all the butt stuff!

What if I'm a Hussy Magazine subscriber?

You're still going to get all of your subscriber magazines with all of the sexy and awesome content. Gnarly Magazine will also have all of the extra content that I mentioned above. The only thing that's really changing is the name. We may have a few less fart jokes...

Will Gnarly Magazine offer subscriptions?

You bet! Once we're all set up behind the scenes you'll be able to subscribe at

What if I want a subscription refund?

We think you will still love the magazine and hope that you'll support us while we survive this weird, sensitive culture of ours. If you really hate the magazine after checking out an issue of Gnarly Magazine, then we will refund you your prorated subscription amount. 

What if I have questions not answered here?

Email Johnny:

Email Chuck: