Hussy Army Street Team

Thanks so much for your interest in becoming part of the Hussy Army Street Team!

It's really easy to help promote Hussy Magazine. We'll provide you with a pack of stickers and postcards to hand out at your local bar, or hot rod/motorcycle show, burlesque show, strip joint, and anywhere else that you think you can share the word of Hussy Magazine.

We'll also provide a couple of magazines that you can carry around with you to give people a peek at what we offer in terms of hotness and entertainment.

We'll create a promo code and write it on the back of the post cards so when someone places an order and uses your promo code, we can keep track of what areas are doing great on a leaderboard.

To request your Hussy Army Street Team packet, please email:

Thank you SO MUCH for your amazing support in helping to grow Hussy Magazine!