Hussy Army Street Team

Want to help promote Hussy Magazine and make some cash doing it? Great! Keep reading!

Introducing the HUSSY ARMY Street/Online Team

Here's what you get to start promoting Hussy Magazine:

1. Packet of stickers to hand out if you're out at a local event, car show, music show, chopper show, van show, pub, bar, speakeasy, strip club, tattoo shop, massage parlor ... you get the idea.

2. Packet of postcards to hand out where you write your unique 10% OFF discount code on the back for the customer

3. Once you hit $100 in sales, a special HUSSY ARMY t-shirt (only available for Hussy Army street/online team members) will be mailed out to you.

4. A copy of issue #1 and #2 so you can show off how awesomely sexy Hussy Magazine is!

5. A 40% OFF code to use at -- Use this to stock up on tees and stickers to show potential fans the quality of our goods.


For every sale that comes in using your unique promo code, you'll get 10% of the sale price. So, the more you get people to buy, the more you make!

Social media

We'll create a library of promo graphics for you to choose from for you to share on your social media pages. If you'd rather create your own graphic or sexy/awesome photo to post, that's fine too. Just don't forget to mention your unique discount code so we can keep track of your sales and your payouts!


To request your Hussy Army Street Team packet, please email:

Thank you SO MUCH for your amazing support in helping to grow Hussy Magazine!