Call for Models

Please use the JotForm link below to fill out the model/photographer release form. 

Email your photos to:
You may also send a Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Google link.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Model must be 18 years of age or older
  • No black and white photographs
  • No camera phone sets will be accepted
  • No photographer watermarks/logos

1. Photo sets submitted should not have been previously published in any other magazine. If the photo sets have not been posted on social media, that's also helpful. We understand teaser photos and behind the scenes photos are fun to post, but we’d like to make sure all of the photos haven’t already been seen by the world.

2. Photos must be high resolution, so 300 dpi or higher. Photos taken by a professional photographer or skilled photo hobbiest preferred. (So no selfies with your flip phone). Photos submitted should be in CMYK color format for professional printing. If that’s greek to you, don’t worry, we’ll convert on our end.

3. Please include your model name, photographer name, social media sites, official websites.

4. Photos must NOT include watermarks or logos. We give proper credit in the layout/design. In a 2 or 4 page spread, those repeating logos and watermarks look ugly. And often times they get in the way of creative layouts/cropping.

5. It's nice to have at least 15 photos submitted so that we have a variety of photographs to choose from for page layout purposes.

6. Please refrain from submitting one or two shots. We can't make a nice looking two page spread out of just one or two shots.

If you’d like to submit a set from a custom shoot exclusively for Hussy Magazine, shoot us an email to discuss.

If your set is accepted we will let you know asap.

Please submit your photo set and info via DropBox, WeTransfer, or Google Drive: