September 21, 2023


Want to contribute to Gnarly and Hussy Magazines? Keep reading and we’ll give as much detail as possible for how you can get your stuff in either the print magazine or on the website.

Gnarly Magazine


We like to feature motorcycles (choppers and bobbers, no baggers), hot rods, old school vans, old trucks, etc. On the more artistic side, we like featuring pinstripers, sign painters, tattoo artists, kustom painters, metal workers, etc. We also like to do pinup features and/or centerfolds as part of our new Gnarly Pinups brand. For Gnarly Magazine, cheesecake is preferred.

High resolution photos are a must for print. Professional photography is always a plus, but modern smartphones are doing a decent job. The better the photography, the better the feature will look.

We have a small team of writers who take on the interviews and article write-ups.

If you’d like to pitch us your ride, art, and modeling/photography, please email Johnny, using the button below… website:

We recently launched and, as you can see, it is PACKED with content!

There are a number of ways you can contribute to Gnarly, where we are offering the space to artists, builders, and creatives of all types to get their work seen by the masses!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Builder features, Artists features, Event coverage,¬†General Kustom Kulture news, How To’s, Music, Pinups/Pinup Photography

With the print issue being a quarterly and limited to 64 pages, there’s only so many people we can feature. So we’re expanding to this new website to offer space for you to contribute and help us shine a spotlight on your work or someone talented that you know.

We like to keep the features under 1000 words with no more than 10 or 15 photos/images.

Please send all contributor pitches to Johnny, using the button below…

Hussy Magazine

Details to come…