Where Did the Hussy Butt Stuff Contest Go?

Due to massive voting manipulation that was just discovered, I have decided to pull the Hussy Butt Stuff Contest and will put a halt to all contests in the near future until we decide a better way to find a winner for our contests.

The main issue is that I discovered over 200 votes have come in from the same IP address in some instances. In Round 9 –the most recent round– every single matchup had multiple votes coming in from the same IP address. In the industry that's known as cheating.

Since so much effort went into this contest on my part and on the part of the models and supporters who did not cheat, the Hussy team will decide if we want to award the winner by a panel of trusted judges or just end it right now and be done with it.

To be clear, I'm not blaming the models. The over-voting could also be coming from a husband, a boyfriend, a super-fan, a family member, a friend, a jealous person, or whoever. Bottom line is, cheating is cheating and I won't tolerate it. Too many hours are spent on building, maintaining and promoting these contests for me to waste my time. And I certainly don't want to crown a winner and publish a feature on them if they didn't earn it or deserve it.

Here's an example in one of the Round 9 matchups. I blurred the IP address to protect the guilty. 

Apologies to all those who took part and did not cheat. This is a total bummer for me and I'm sure for you as well.

Soon we will find a better system of crowning a winner of our contests. But, for now, we will just continue to post sexy butt stuff in our Instagram feed and, of course, the print magazine. That's still awesome!

UPDATE: To be clear, it wasn't just one person in one matchup that was voting a lot from one location. In Round 9, every single matchup had multiple votes from one location. Here's the breakdown of votes in one location in the Round 9 matchups:

• Ashlee Nicole VS. Ashley: 87 votes from one location (IP address) 

• Candice VS. Darian Ashleigh: 165 votes from one location

• Dyna Dahl VS. Goddess Luna: 113 votes from one location

• Helizabeth VS. Lacey Palmdale: 86 votes from one location

• Luna Bell VS. Morgan: 222 votes from one location

• Olivia Loveless VS. Raven: 279 votes from one location

• Sara Knight VS. Summer Madison: 284 votes from one location 

• Taarna VS. Vanth: 240 votes from one location

That's a lot of fraud votes!


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