Q&A with Model Chopper Loui

Today's Q&A featured model is a chopper babe from the great state of Arizona, Chopper Loui. Chopper Loui's Instagram motto is "Good vibes and tan lines." so make sure you're following the sexy vibes! @chopper_loui

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Hussy Magazine: Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’re from?

Chopper Loui: I was born and raised in the great State 48! (Arizona!) I love the desert and the heat. I have traveled high and low around Arizona, so I know a lot of its secret hidden gems, although I have YET to go to the Grand Canyon lol!

With a name like Chopper Loui, I’m sure people are gonna want to know if you ride.

Usually, I like to take the backseat when my friends and I ride!

What can we find in your garage?

You will find anything OLD and VINTAGE in my garage. Something with history and a story!!

Favorite places to ride?

The Mountains! I love a view and I love fresh air. Which isn’t hard to find as I live less than 5 minutes from the mountains.

How long have you been modeling and how has it treated you so far?

I have only started “modeling” since October 2021. I have always loved the idea, but finally just decided to say “screw it!” and created my Instagram account, and I have LOVED it and the connections I have already made.

Do you have any modeling horror stories you’d like to share?

None yet, but I'M SURE there will be some!

Something a little off-topic: Favorite bands/TV shows/movies?

I don't watch TV (NO TIME!) lol But I LOVE movies and music! My favorite movies are Joe Dirt, The Goonies, and HOOK. My favorite music would be 2000s alternative, '90s rock, and anything I can dance to.

What has your experience been like putting yourself out there on social media?

Kind of scary, you never know where your pictures are going to end up. And, for me, I do have some people who may be shocked to see some of my photos. But, I have gotten so many positive comments and followers and it is actually a HUGE confidence boost and makes me want to keep going!

Are there any types of modeling themes that you’d like to explore that you haven’t yet?

I would love to do a shoot with another girl! I love bouncing off energy and getting ideas from other models on Instagram and think it would be SO FUN to do a shoot with another model one day.

I noticed in your Instagram profile that you’re opening up an OnlyFans account once you hit 5,000 IG followers. What made you decide to create your own page and what kind of content should subscribers expect?

I definitely thought hard about it and how I was going to start an OnlyFans. I decided once I started to see some of my “stronger” fans and followers here on Instagram that I wanted to provide and do something “extra” for that crowd. It is still going to be the me you see on Instagram, just with more videos, personal touches, and a little or (a lot) less clothing. ;)

Have you refrained from getting tattoos to help you get more modeling gigs or are tattoos just not for you?

Tattoos are just not who I am. I love them on others but I have never had a want or need for them on my body. I love my blank canvas, although I do get some requests from some artists who want to be the first to ink on me!

Do you travel a decent distance to be photographed or do you typically stay local?

I travel a ton but not to be photographed. I haven’t made it THAT big yet. lol. Although I am headed to Hawaii soon and will be doing a fun shoot while I am there, so stay tuned for that!

What do you want people to know about you outside of your modeling and hotness?

I am a dog mom and a huge animal lover. I am very extroverted and passionate about people and helping them find that “bigger calling." I grew up with very little but worked very hard and still work hard and have so much I am thankful for!

What advice would you give to aspiring models?

Just do it! Don't watch the crowd and think you have to be a certain way, people can see authenticity and they love that and will keep coming back to see that. Don't try and “keep up” with anyone else but yourself!

Do you have any shout-outs and/or any famous last words?

“You gotta keep on keepin' on. Life's a garden: dig it. You gotta make it work for you.”


Photos by Chopper Loui

Chopper Loui on Instagram: @chopper_loui


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