Peeling Back the Layers of Olivia Brooke (NSFW)

By Jeff Alexander

Photos by Happier Trigger - IG: @happiertrigger

Olivia on IG: @lovelylittleliv_

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Olivia Brooke states she has been tested throughout her life but seeks to utilize the growing success of her modeling platform to further advocate for autism and create more empathy for those experiencing similar challenges. Admitting she is not there just yet, Brooke is applying the same ambition she shows for modeling, and as she strives to transition from modeling to event planning, Brooke just might make those positive impacts sooner than she thinks.

"I actually grew up in a conservative, Catholic household so modeling was not on my radar early in life. I struggle with autism and was not diagnosed until I was 12, so it was a struggle but I earned a degree in accounting and worked in the financial industry for three years," shared Brooke.

Brooke's entry into the challenging world of modeling began innocently enough. After messaging a model she admired online, Brooke quickly received some guidance and began shooting in 2018, however, she admits her initial challenges were in marked contrast to her peers.

"Creating emotions in front of a camera with my diagnosis was especially hard and social cues are kind of blind to me, a lot can go over my head. I have been in cognitive and behavioral therapy which has been very beneficial because I have a greater understanding of myself and those around me," shared Brooke.

For Brooke, the world of modeling has enabled her to build and grow newly earned confidence, and unique opportunities for introspection, helping her learn more about her peers and her place within the community.

"I'm proud to say there is a lot to it than just a pretty woman put on a pedestal. I would love to eventually lend a helping hand to those in need and those that struggle with similar diagnoses. I really enjoy modeling and I want to work to eventually transition to event planning. I am working to go back to school to earn an MA in psychology, not so much to pursue it as a career but to have an even greater understanding of myself and others, while maybe using that to help create a platform to help others. Formal education is not always the answer for people, but it has helped me bloom as a person," stated Brooke.

With her diverse and growing portfolio, Brooke remains focused and able to demonstrate versatility despite her career being launched just a few short years ago.

"I enjoy the work and what it brings to me. My favorite theme of modeling is fetish glamour but a lot of people still think fetish is always dark, raunchy, and grungy. That's not the case. I enjoy trying different things but I feel this theme is exhilarating for me and to me, fetish modeling pushes boundaries and can be unique," shared Brooke.

Asked how she envisions success, Brooke drew a measured pause before carefully responding.

"People ask that a lot and it really is an individualized definition. What is your success meter? What is the end goal? Is it career-based or strictly financial? I set yearly goals and define them by simply asking myself how happy I am after completing a task or challenge."

She added, "My son is also diagnosed with autism, and helping him grow is certainly a personal, goal of mine that can be viewed as success. I worked hard to earn my sobriety and I was a teen mom but I always knew I made the right choice being a mom and earning sobriety, so I certainly feel that can be viewed as a personal measure of my success."

As Olivia Brooke continues working tirelessly to further grow her portfolio and platform, she made it clear she looks forward to utilizing it, once the time comes, as a building block for sharing her experiences with her diagnosis and promoting empathy. Brooke also stated her ambition to transition to an event planner continues to motivate her.

"I want to maximize my time to the best of my ability. I would love to eventually help others find platforms to further lend a hand and help. I'm not there yet, but I feel perseverance and commitment can help you get through anything. I'm working on it and to have others understand what I am trying to advocate for."

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