Sticker Slap Contest -

Hussy Sticker Slap Contest - Rules and Info

Welcome to the Hussy Magazine Sticker Slap Contest - Rules and Information page! This is gonna be a fun one!

What's the contest? 

Take a photo or a video (less than 60 seconds) of yourself, a loved one, or a friend slapping a Hussy Magazine sticker somewhere interesting and/or sexy! It can be on your body, on someone else's body, on a cop car, at a famous landmark, on a celebrity... you get the picture. The sexiest, funniest, most interesting sticker location will win cool prizes.

How do I get a sticker?

We will send you a free sticker. Just pay $1.00 to cover shipping. 

Grab your free sticker (limited to 100)

If you don't want to wait for us to mail you your free sticker, you can use any Hussy Magazine sticker instead. But it HAS to be a Hussy Magazine sticker purchased from No print-outs, please.

How many stickers can I order?

Just 1 sticker. 

Where do I send the picture/video?

You can email them to:

Please, send just one video or one picture as your official entry. If you want people to find you on your social media or your OF page, be sure to include it on your photo or video. Don't tell us because we're not doing your work for ya, lazy bones!

Do not include music in your video. Unless the music is royalty-free they often times get flagged and removed by Instagram, where we do all of our contest promotions.

What do I win?

A $100 promo code to shop at (you just cover shipping)

A free 1 year subscription to Hussy Magazine

A Hussy Magazine sticker pack

How do I win?

All of the picture and video submissions will be voted on by fan voting in our online poll. Top vote-getter wins the contest.

What's the deadline? When do we vote?

The entry deadline is Tuesday, March 15th.

Polls open Thursday, March 17th at 9am EST

Can I show private parts?

No! Safe for Instagram submissions only. So, that means no bare nips, no bare butthole, no bare vagina. And no sex stuff. Bare butt cheek is ok. No cock and balls.

I just don't get it...

Ok, here's a video created by @thecatsmeowcowgirl.2 to spark your creativity. But, remember, you don't have to slap the sticker on your butt. The sexiest, most interesting, or funniest sticker slap location could win!