Hussy Butt Stuff Contest - Rules and Info - Spring 2024

Welcome to Hussy Magazine’s Hussy Butt Stuff Contest, where models from all around the world are invited to submit a photo of their bottoms to see who has the hussiest butt in the land!



UPDATE: Submission window has closed. The contest has started.

The winner will receive:

  • A feature in Hussy Magazine print issue #6
  • $50 gift card


1. All models must be 18 years of age or older.

2. Submit one photo of your butt. If more than one photo is sent, we’ll pick our favorite.

3. Be sure to add a social media handle for yourself in your photo entry. There will be a LOT of page views here and on your photo, so make it count!

4. No nudity. This will be promoted on Instagram and Facebook and they lose their shit over bare nipples, vag, and buttholes.

5. Entries MUST be submitted by the model. Entries submitted by photographers and/or husbands will not be accepted.

6. Model entries will go head-to-head in matchups that will last for 24 hours. Winners will be determined by online voting, just like all of our other contests. Poll results in all matchups will be hidden until the 24 hour voting period ends.

7. Be sure to indicate your model name clearly in your submission email so we know how to credit you on the contest pages. If you want to keep your identity hidden, just make up a name so we can keep the butts straight.


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