Featured Babe: Femke Fatale

Meet Femke Fatale

By Jeff Alexander

Moto culture will always go hand in hand with models and pinups. Providing the perfect complement to the sleek lines of ‘rods and cycles, models have worked tirelessly to contribute to the subculture. Hailing from Belgium, Femke gladly embraces the sexuality of moto culture modeling.

“Personally, I feel more women are empowered now, more in charge, and don’t take shit. In the modeling industry people have wanted me to be more sexy or trashy because that is what they think sells but that’s not for me,” stated Femke.

Surrounded by an artistic family, Femke was immediately drawn to the limitless world of art.

“My mother’s side was especially artistic. Her dad and her brother were painters and her nephew is a sculpturer. I learned about cars early on in life because my mom is a car freak! Because of her I also loved art and began getting tattoos and attending hot rod and motorcycle shows,” she recalled.

Femke formally began modeling at 18, crediting a longtime friend for supporting her efforts.

“Thanks to a photographer friend of mine I began modeling. It’s funny because I never wore makeup, I was a tomboy and totally not glam! Turned out I guess I was photogenic,” she laughed.

Femke’s photogenic personality immediately caught the eye of renowned photographer Dirk ‘Pixeleye’ Behlau. Femke’s natural talent was undeniable and Dirk reflected on his early collaboration with her.

“I hired Femke for the first time 9 years ago for a shooting with Harley Davidson. We’ve done a lot of projects together and the results are outstanding! She’s very professional, a good friend and the clients love her. Due to the fact we have worked together so often she knows what I want and what style I prefer.”

An accomplished multimedia artist, Dirk was well-known for his engaging shoots incorporating moto culture in natural settings. He earned further accolades with his kustom kulture documentary, Flakes & Flames. In collaboration with Jesper Bram, the duo set out on a U.S. road trip interviewing the most prominent figures of lowbrow art and kustom kulture. The 2013 film seen a resurgence thanks to its international visibility. Dirk expanded his vision with 2020's Squeezed Up.

“I wanted to do another documentary film for years and that project reminded me of The Endless Summer movie I liked so much. It was just following the action and shooting without knowing what would happen next,” he recalled. 

Femke’s career has taken off, leading to shoots for Lethal Threat, a coveted ambassador gig with Monster Energy, and serving as hostess for La Machine Infernale Tattoo. Femke continues fully embracing the challenging world of modeling but has successfully navigated the industry to build up an impressive portfolio.

“I host the online tv show for La Machine Infernale, I serve as their spokesperson. It’s an amazing shop full of great artists and features great guests! They’re located in France. For Monster, I’ve been there 5 years and work all their events. I drive the truck! It’s the best job ever,” she laughed.

Femke has also completed shoots in the U.S., leading to a feature in Inked Magazine and having worked with Robert Alvarado, best known for edgy and contemporary pinup shoots. Femke reflected on her now extensive industry experience. 

“There’s been a lot of change in the industry, positive and negative. I want to be feminine but not ‘out there’ for everyone; I’m not into nudity. People have wanted me to do that for more followers and ‘likes’ but it’s not me. I do this for the love and hate some of the fakeness in the industry; Photoshopping. We’re all humans and all beautiful and don’t need to change our face or whatever to be better liked. We can have our beauty marks, scars, spots, or wrinkles because we are beautiful as we are and should work to normalize that,” she affirmed.

Follow Femke on Instagram: @femkefatale

Photos by Dirk Behlau

Feature originally ran in Hussy Magazine print issue #1. Just a few copies left, so grab one while you can!

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